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Law Enforcement Gift Guide

I don’t know about you, but I love the holidays and surprising others with gifts. I love trying to find that perfect gift that you know your loved one is going to be so excited to open- the kind of gift that shows how well you know them and how much thought you put into finding them something perfect. But every year I find myself struggling to come up with ideas for the same person- my husband. So, I developed this list of gift ideas for law enforcement officers, with a little help from my husband- of course. This list of gifts for police officers is perfect for the holidays, special occasions, new police officers, police officer graduations, or police retirement gifts. Let’s dig in!

1. Coffee

Our officers work long shifts with weird hours. Coffee is the perfect gif for police officers that is surely to wake him up for those early morning shifts or to keep him awake for those really late ones.  

Black Rifle Coffee

Thin Blue Line Coffee Roast:

This roast is similar to their Just Black coffee roast. It features a cocoa and vanilla aroma, bold tasting notes, and a smooth buttery finish. This coffee blend is a product created to benefit law enforcement officers and their families.

Blue Angel Coffee

Coffee company owned and operated by a Law Enforcement Officer and Military Veteran, whose mission is to give back to non-profits and pro law enforcement and first responder organizations.

2. Warrior Rack

A place to keep all his gear is a must. I don’t know about you, but our bedroom is filled with about a dozen of little spaces that my husband has unofficially designated as his space for his police gear. Some of those spaces include on top of the dresser, in the corner of the room, beside the bed, on top of the sink in the bathroom…you get the point. A centralized equipment stand is the perfect solution that is as benefit for you and your officer.

3. Oakley Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must for every police officer because they are always in their vehicles. I don’t know about your officer, but mine has been known to lose a pair or two. He has driven away many times with his glasses on his patrol car or broken them while in a scuffle. We buy glasses a lot and you can’t beat the price with your Oakley Standard Issue rate. You can sign up here.

4. Whiskey Set

Our officers need time to relax and unwind off duty. A great way to do that is to enjoy a glass of bourbon or scotch. This beautiful set contains a decanter and four glasses so your officer can share a drink with three of his buddies. This would also make a great police retirement gift.

5. 5.11 Police Front Seat Organizer

A patrol bag or seat organizer is essential for our officers because their car is their office. Seat organizers are a great police officer gift as they provide a way to keep all of your officer’s essential items organized and within reach as they go throughout their day.

6. Benchmade Knife

A high quality, reliable knife is of the upmost importance for your officer. A quality knife can be used in life saving situations such as cutting a seatbelt of a trapped motorist, cutting away the clothing of a shooting victim, or (heaven forbid) in a moment of self-defense. My husband never goes anywhere without his knife.

7. Wooden Charging Stand Organizer

Much like my husband’s gear, I often find his keys, wallet, loose change, along with his phone and watch scattered throughout our bedroom. This thin blue line wooden docking station is the perfect way to organize your officer’s daily essential items.

8. Streamlight Flashlight

My husband would keep multiple flashlights in every room if I let him. He says there is popular police saying in regard to flashlights, “one is none, two is one”. Your officer spends many hours working at night or in places where there is no electricity. Having a good flashlight is critical.

9. Thin Blue Line Gear

Even when your LEO isn’t in uniform, he is still an officer, through and through. I can attest to this as each time I go out to eat with my husband, the seat with the best tactical advantage will always be designated for him. Or how we will always have to take a moment to stop and listen to the sirens so my husband can try to figure out what might be going on. So why not give him a gift that lets him show off that pride every day?

Grunt Style

Thin Blue Line USA

We the People

10. Lastly, and probably the most important gift you can give your officer, is a gift that is not police related at all. As a police wife, I know firsthand that my husband’s job can take a tole. It is critical that our officers have down time to enjoy hobbies and other interests that are not police related. So, whether your LEO enjoys spending time in the garage, working on cars, out in the woods, or playing video games, find your officer a gift that supports his favorite interests. It’s so important for their wellbeing as law enforcement officers.

And if all else fails, my husband always says he can always use a new gun and more ammo. I am sure your LEO could too. 🙂

What are some of your favorite police officer gifts for the officer in your life? We would love to hear from you. And don’t forget to check out this list of Law Enforcement Discounts.

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Leslie is a licensed professional counselor. She works as a therapist at a marriage intensive retreat center. She is also a foster mom and police wife. Her and her husband live in Missouri with their two teenage sons and three dogs.